Anthony Vo And Bankless On The Future Of Kardiachain Development

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Bankless is one of the most ardent supporters of KardiaChain as well as the author of community - favorite series “Zero to One with KardiaChain.”

On the occasion of mainnet — staking value paper by Anthony, and the excitement of the community to know more about upcoming projects in KardiaChain roadmap. Anthony Vo has released two research papers in a row, the first one is Value Investing Framework in Cryptocurrencies, and the curve warmed up the expectation over the upcoming promising mainnet. Therefore, the guest this time is Anthony Vo — KardiaChain CFO, who will answer the most exciting part of the community is the future of KardiaChain. Concurrently, he shared his journey with his education at Harvard, a career at Bank of Hope, KPMG, and also leadership position at KardiaChain thus far.

During the podcast with Bankless, Anthony showed the campaigns and activities that KardiaChain has organized recently, such as mass marketing campaigns as Youtube sitcom — Sugar Baby, KAIstarter — as fundraising publicist and KAI membership, etc. Thus far, many exciting results from this project as Sugar Baby, which made more people know about KardiaChain. Besides, he discussed KAIstarter in which several parties would like to partner with Kardiachain to use the KAIstarter platform as a fundraising publicist. Moreover, he showed that more and more partners/ clients opened to the idea of having KAI as part of the process (low-cost mobile banking/secure transaction channel).

KardiaChain acts as a technology developer and shares revenue as a type of engagement to our partners. KardiaChain is actively coming up with many different solutions and applications that will help improve KardiaChain’s fundamental value, such as wealth management, lending. In his view, over 2–3 years, we will realize a substantial revenue stream because we have the right advisors and leaders to help us. Moreover, Anthony presented KAItarter as one of micro-lending that will steadily grow to enterprise/construction lending (SME financing) and to minimize the risk for stakeholders. Construction companies need seed capital in the early stage before banks are willing to lend to them.

Anthony Vo also mentioned his paper is Mainnet — The value of staking in the podcast. In the first part of the 3-part series, he showed how to set a fair staking model for investors, a framework for a successful project based on historical observation. In the second part, it discussed KAI, how KAI became a public asset, and how we put a value on KAI. He also covered manuals such as initial investor numbers, minimum stake requirements along with distribution patterns and schedules in the third part. Hence, we are trying to balance/optimize KardiaChain value to define the valuation as it should be. Besides, KardiaChain also would like to touch on more aspects of life, thus building multiple revenue streams. Prediction for the next five years, KardiaChain will be able to integrate various projects within the local market to build KardiaChain grows.

We truly appreciate the continuous support from Bankless in particular and the community in general during the past time. We are thrilled to unfold the future together.

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