Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vuong Duy Bien joined the KardiaChain Advisory Board

2 min readAug 21, 2020


Mr. Vuong Duy Bien was born on August 22, 1958, Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1987, he is a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association. He was appointed to the position of Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2012 from the position of Director of the Department of Performing Arts and as a Member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Areas and units directly in charge: Department of Performing Arts; Department of Cinema; Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition; State management of Literature and Art, Block of theaters; Exhibition block; Movie career units.

In 2015, he was awarded the State’s Artist Award — For winning many awards (domestic and international) in his art activities.

Former State President Truong Tan Sang awarded the People’s Artist (the highest title awarded by the State to artists) to Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien — source -tin-hear-si-174–159.html

Mr. Vuong Duy Bien is known to be an industrious officer in cultural management. In addition, he is also a talented sculptor, painter, and puppeteer, having participated in many domestic and international exhibitions, and has made many contributions to the preservation and development of traditional arts of the nation. There are many works of art that have been included in personal collections and are displayed in art museums in: Vietnam, Italy, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, USA, Poland, China, Germany, Japan. There have been sculptures placed in some localities, which are sacred monuments for people: Tran Hung Dao ethnic hero statue — In Nam Dinh province, Hoang Sa island, Soldier smile statue — in Quang Tri province.

With talent, merit, depth of international awards and relationship in artistic activities, as well as experience in state management of Culture — Information — Communication, Sports and Tourism Calendar, Former Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien will provide important advice for related activities.


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