FADO catches up to become the latest KardiaChain validator

History is made yet again in KardiaChain’s journey. We are thrilled to announce and welcome FADO to become our latest member among 20 validators. This is a huge milestone to strengthen the trust and strong collaboration in multiple business angles between KardiaChain and FADO.

FADO to become a validator node on KardiaChain network

FADO is one of the most recent partner to join in KardiaChain ecosystem. Famous for being the top 1 cross-border E-commerce platform in Vietnam with partnership with the E-commerce household Alibaba, FADO has constantly stated their strong belief in blockchain technology to up their game in the global market. Becoming the latest validator is a strong statement from FADO to increase their presence in the blockchain community. Following this activity, FADO validator node will become a place for any partners and customers in FADO to stake KAI on KardiaChain network.

The validator situation is performing very well. Reported from explorer.kardiachain.io: There are +860mil KAI staked, ~200,000 transactions, 120,000+ addresses and 1400 delegators

FADO in the Top 20 Validator

Requirement to become a validator on the KardiaChain network is owning 12.5 million KAI. By staking over 13 million KAI, FADO is now included in the list of the top Vietnam KAI holders amongst big names in Vietnam, equivalent with renounced names such as VNDC Stablecoin, Bitis, Phu Long real estate, Vietfootball, Thai Son Foundation, etc.

Only recently, we saw the first take over in the history of KardiaChain Network when VNDC overtook LG to become the Top 5 KAI Holders. Such strong competition in being validators on KardiaChain Network sends a promising signal about the blockchain mass adoption in Vietnam. Just like FADO, more and more industries are eager to take part in the crypto community and open up new borders for the Viet DeFi Movement.

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