KAI is one step closer in mainstream recognition via Simplex

KardiaChain is now one step closer to our vision of mass adoption. We are thrilled to announce that KAI is now available on Simplex, a fiat gateway that allows people from the US and other countries around the globe to invest in KAI tokens. This is the one-click solution to help non-crypto investors to buy and own KAI from Visa/Mastercard without going through the lengthy registration process from cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a remarkable milestone to help increase the presence of KAI and the function of KardiaChain Mainnet to both crypto and non-crypto users.

Simplex, the EU-based fiat gateway, offers $USD and more than 40 other currencies with several payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and SEPA transfer, for converting fiat to your preferred cryptocurrency. With fast and easy integration, most of the big exchanges in the digital world trust Simplex as the exchange gateway, including Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, OKEx, Huobi, Bithumb, Abra, Trust, BRD, Changelly and many more.

“Accessible blockchain for millions” is now closer than ever for the non-crypto population in the US and around the world to join in. Fiat-to-crypto exchange can be quite a complex process for beginners. Simplex is the pioneer to help anyone from anywhere at any time to acquire digital assets. With one single click and Visa/Mastercard, one can have in possession the precious KAI token or any other cryptocurrencies that Simplex supports. The biggest advantage is this requires less steps and more security as trading through KYC exchanges is unnecessary.


Step 1: click button Buy KAI with VISA Card on the header of kardiachain.io main website

Step 2: Fill in with your KAI native token address (If you don’t have KAI native address yet, please create one on wallet.kardiachain.io, save your private key safely)

Step 3: Fill in the amount of KAI you wish to buy, proceed with your VISA/ Mastercard and confirm.

Buy KAI with VISA at:


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