KAI Membership: the Holy Grail of KardiaChain Mass Adoption

KAI Member(space)ship is our flagship product pushing the frontier of mass adoption. A super app that helps the general public to earn, store, spend, and invest KAI, focusing on user experience and utilities.

Since early this year, our community has seen a wide range of applications launched in different stages from prototype to production. To name a few, there are KAIstarter, Youth Union, mobile top-ups, and Mai Linh cards, etc. Many are questioning the team as focus is a key aspect of a fast-growing company. KAI Membership is our answer to that question.

KAI Membership is designed to become the public interface of the KardiaChain ecosystem. All of our initiatives that found Product-Market-Fit will be integrated into this super app. This is the final puzzle to piece everything we have been doing. The propositions of KAI Membership include four parts: gamification, wallet, utilities, and wealth management.

Gamification is an effective way to attract users and introduce them to the token concept. Activities like Play & Earn incentives users to engage daily and get rewards in KAI. Social mining will help increase app exposure to a wider audience. NFT games and collectibles are going to join the app soon as one of the hottest trends in crypto. The app must convey the concept of truly possessing something digitally to normal users.

Wallet in KAI Membership is not just a place to store, send, and receive KAI. It will be a one-stop-shop for KAI lovers. The pipeline for Wallet is packed for next year. Fiat gateway and bank integration provide conveniences in buying KAI. DiD and eKYC help users take control of personal data. With this, KAI membership offers service providers the ability to verify user information without privacy concerns.

Utilities contain practical benefits for users such as mobile top-up, e-voucher, Mai Linh cards. Kardiachain cooperates with traditional service providers across industries such as entertainment, F&B, and transportation to increase benefits for KAI holders. This allows users to receive coupons and easily redeem at multiple service providers or financial institutions.

Wealth Management brings DeFi features to non-crypto users. Staking, farming, or Lock and Earn will be accessible for all users. Crossing with traditional finance, we can offer token collateral, lending, and credit lines for KAI holders. KAIstarter will also be integrated with KAI Membership bringing more investment options to normal users.

Within a few days after launch, KAI Membership has reached tens of thousands of users on Google Play and is on track to reach a million users by mid-2021. We strongly believe the app will become a part of the Vietnamese people’s daily life. Our technology emphasizes practicality and usability. Hence, it will be the most vital weapon in our mission to successfully conquer the critical mass.

Promotional Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXt756IU_z4

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details id=com.kai_membership&hl=en&gl=US

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