KardiaChain and UTU partner to deploy Trust Infrastructure in next level DApp

Through time, KardiaChain has been working hard to not only fulfil our mission of “Accessible blockchain for millions”, but also to deliver assurance to all users and partners. As the Internet becomes a crucial part of daily life, trustworthiness is more important than ever, especially when it involves valuable private information and valuable digital assets.

KardiaChain is now in partnership with UTU in deploying Trust Infrastructure for KardiaChain level 2 DApp. The partnership is formed on the mutual vision of cross-chain landscape to empower all partners in KardiaChain Ecosystem with the most trustful and functional system. Utilizing API’s artificial intelligence, trust and credit scoring from UTU in KardiaChain DApp will help provide both users and businesses valid data that would improve the user experience.

By looking at the real life usage cases from UTU’s Trust Infrastructure experience, such the improvement of the recommendation system for The University of Southampton and UK Research and Innovation inspire us to improve our system credit scoring to our growing ecosystem. KardiaChain believes UTU’s products will improve user experience by unlocking many new DeFi features from our KAI Membership Dapp to advance the Vietnam DeFi Movement.

About UTU

UTU is a Kenya-based trust infrastructure pioneering in worldwide Internet security. UTU, translated from Swahili as “humanity” shows ambition to transform the digital world into a more human-friendly, secured and trustful environment for all businesses and consumers. UTU has partnerships with multiple renowned names in the blockchain industry such as Travala, Polygon, Elrond, Harmonny, Oasis, Raven Protocol, Aeternity, ..

Website: https://utu.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UTU_trust

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