Kardiachain Genesis Validators And How To Become One

With mainnet around the corner and the potential for genesis validators to be onboarded, the team has been inundated with requests from across multiple industries, from enterprise to blockchain there has been no shortage of interest. During the first phase, the KardiaChain network is secured by 20 genesis validators (master nodes) that are selectively approved by the KardiaChain Foundation.

Kardiachain Genesis Validators And How To Become One

As of now, KardiaChain is very fortunate to have a powerful set of genesis validators that will support our launch. The 15 genesis validators ranging from the top enterprises in Vietnam that have enthusiasm in new technologies to the experienced blockchain teams and many combinations in between. We will gradually introduce these 15 genesis validators to all token holders and future delegators throughout the week. Stay tuned!

The remaining five validators will be opening up for the community starting TODAY! Now is your chance to become a significant part of the birth of KardiaChain network. Please follow the steps below to register and become one of our genesis validators.

  1. Submit your validator application here

Here are some FAQs about Genesis Validators, you can find more here.

1. How much will validators earn?

Up to 25% APR. The return depends on your commission rate and the total staked amount. We expect an average APR of 15–18%. More in-depth analysis here.

2. How easy is it to operate a validator node?

We provide a 1-click deployment on all well-known cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Blue Hosts, GoDaddy, all you have to do is config your Private Key.

3. Will there be more validators in the future?

Yes, the number of validators will scale alongside with the growth of our network. We will evaluate the number of validators after every election period.

4. Will the total required to run a validator node always be 12.5m?

Yes, the minimum requirement for validators might change depending on the number of validator nodes and the expected staking amount versus circulating supply.

5. What is the payout period?

Reward is distributed after every block, approximately 5 seconds.

Join us and become a fundamental part of the first interoperable blockchain to ever launch in Southeast Asia.

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