KardiaChain in TECHFEST 2020 Highlights: Prime Minister Keynotes, Government on Innovative Tech, and DeFi discussions

Talking about Vision of TECHFEST Vietnam 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said in the opening ceremony: “I hope young people will always be humble, learn, constantly tinker, constantly innovate and that is the key to their success.” The event welcomed speakers from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, and other high-level officials.

It boasted of 40 activities consisting of conferences, seminars, competitions, and investment connections for innovation, with the participation of leaders of the Party, Government, ministries, sectors, localities, and related agencies. The series of activities in the framework of TECHFEST 2020 lasted from November 26–29 at the National Economics University.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s speech

TECHFEST is the most respected tech event in Vietnam, with impressive statistics as follows:

  • Spanning over a duration of 3 days, and with the participation of 12 technology villages, 300 technology booths in the fields of health, food tourism, finance, social impact, pioneering, support services, blockchain, smart cities, agriculture, education, students, etc.
  • Attracted more than 6,500 direct attendees. The events were all streamed with more than 35,000 views in total.
  • The number of connection sessions was over 120, with a total investment amount of about 14,000,000 USD, attracting national and international press agency’s attention.
  • Covered in 550 news articles in over 25 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc.). In particular, this year, nearly 300 businesses and start-ups have participated in the exhibition.
  • More than 200 investors and speakers, nearly 300 businesses, and more than 200 connections
  • 30,000 registered participants. Another highlight of TECHFEST is the ratio of international experts and investors which always remained over 40% for the past years.

In this event, KardiaChain joined Fintech Village with the general topic of Vietnam Financial Technology Development Workshop in the turbulent season. There was a dedicated Blockchain panel discussion on Decentralized Finance. The seminar brought together industry-experienced speakers from Binance, STI, NEU, IFI, Cloud Ace and The Q Chemistry.

Blockchain Panelists:

Mr Huy Nguyen, (CTO, KardiaChain)

Mr Long Vuong (CEO, Tomochain)

Mr William Nguyen (CEO, Beowulf Blockchain)

Mr Hiep Vu (Head of Marketing, Kyber Network)

Mr Robert Vong (COO, FathLabs)

Ms Lynn Hoang (Binance Vietnam Country Director)

KardiaChain CTO believes that DeFi — a major shift of traditional banking services from centralized to decentralized platform — is inevitable, especially for developing countries like Vietnam, where 80% of the population is still unbanked but has unlimited access and heavy exposure to mobile phones and internet services.

Please check the video recap here:

Notable topics brought up in Fintech: Regulations and challenges in the financial sector in Vietnam; Financial technology future; Drive Fintech growth — Open chat with investors and startups; Blockchain 2030; Decentralized finance; Internet of Things in the financial sector; Green Fintech becomes a new opportunity as humanity must fight against climate change.

Link for the Fintech Village: https://techfest.vn/su-kien/lang-cong-nghe-tai-chinh-hoi-thao-phat-trien-cong-nghe-tai-chinh-viet-nam-trong-mua-nhieu-dong

KardiaChain has found success in sharing and meeting between investors and innovative startups in each specific field, as well as potential business partners such as TomoChain, Beowulf, VNDC etc. The business connections were followed by cozy dinners and handshakes. Please stay tuned for what’s to come.

TECHFEST 2020 has shown in-depth the picture of the Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Vietnam. KardiaChain was excited to dive into the ecosystem. Finally, the National Techfest 2020 was held very successfully. This is the biggest annual event of the year for the Vietnamese startup community, jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T) and the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

News coverage from The People Delegates Newspaper about Decentralized Finance: https://www.daibieunhandan.vn/phat-trien-cong-nghe-tai-chinh-phi-tap-trung-d1ec2f78hd-50820

News coverage from CafeF — Top 1 Finance Vietnam newspaper about Fintech: https://m.cafef.vn/dai-dien-bo-khcn-nha-khoa-hoc-nghi-minh-gia-tri-nhat-lai-ngheo-nhat-nha-kinh-te-khong-can-nha-cong-nghe-vi-nghi-vien-vong-phai-lien-ket-duoc-tu-duy-moi-de-chia-se-nguon-luc-20201128232213988.chn

News coverage from The Government Journalist:


News coverage from The Ministry of Science and Technology: https://www.most.gov.vn/vn/tin-tuc/18934/be-mac-techfest-2020--he-sinh-thai-khoi-nghiep-doi-moi-sang-tao-ngay-cang-hoi-nhap-the-gioi.aspx

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