KardiaChain Milestones 2019 Recap: A year of change and germination — Ready to explode

On the occasion of the first working days since the Lunar New Year, KardiaChain would like to send you our best wishes for 2020 Lunar New Year. Throughout 2019, KardiaChain has accomplished tremendous progress, the plans have sprouted from the old year waiting for a new year to boom. 2019 was a special year for us, and we want to thank all of our amazing partners, investors, and collaborators as we would not be here without your support. As quoted from our CEO — Tri Pham:

“ 2019 is a challenging year for the blockchain industry market. Yet we are happy with the results we have achieved. ONSports Dapp with 100,000 available users on our testnet 2.0 did mark a memorable progress for us, which signalizes and abuts continuing success in this 2020. 2020 will have bigger milestones such as mainnet launch, KAI token adoption, retail users will have the opportunity to experience blockchain first-hand, KardiaChain will improve user experience and embark on the daily life of 100 million Vietnamese users.”

As we’re approaching the new year and a new decade, it is a great time to reflect on the past year. This article will help you to quickly look through what KardiaChain has done thus far with a monthly recap of January at KardiaChain!

I. Advisor onboarded, partners gathered, incubators recognized

  1. Advisor onboarded:

2019 was a year of notable collaboration achievements. We onboarded two advisors with remarkable blockchain expertise, who have compelling influence on the industry globally as well as in one of our focus market, Korea.

2. Partner gathered:

KardiaChain team has been busy working and forming potential partnerships to strengthen our ecosystem and seek new opportunities. We shaked hands to become strategic partners with many partners from enterprises and blockchain space. We believe that these collaboration will radically benefit our mutual goal of escalating blockchain for mass adoption.

KardiaChain has made a big jump on our path towards mass adoption as we have been working with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to research and integrate KardiaChain technology in the management progress of the Federation and across many football leagues in the country, to blockchainise the fan reward system:

3. Incubators recognized:

We were recognized by the incubator AppWorks, the biggest accelerator in Greater SEA, who offered us mentorship. It helped us form the initial step of success and running the business, as well as enlarging our entrepreneurship network. As a honoured invitee, KardiaChain did get connected with a huge networks of start-ups, alumni, mentors and world-class investors:

This programme will be the key to connect with the largest start-up network in Asia as it brings an unique opportunity to get the vision of KardiaChain across hundreds of like-minded tech entrepreneurs. We have had fruitful result.

Following the advisory above, not only did we onboard Mr. Michael Park, Marketing Director of BlockCrafters, but we also secured a substantial amount of fund from BlockCrafters Capital. This was a happy news for KardiaChain not only in terms of finance, but also the commitment of advisory, marketing support as well as overall acceleration, contribution and cohesion between parties towards mutual success.

II. Our events

  1. East Asia Blockchain Summit:

KardiaChain hosted a premier blockchain conference in Vietnam — East Asia Blockchain Summit, aimed at increasing our exposure and ambitions towards achieving mass adoption. A great number of officials and enterprise partners have attended, gave opening speeches and joined panel discussion to discuss blockchain prospect in Vietnam and KardiaChain.

1, Representatives from government departments including Ministry of Science and Technology
2, Representatives of KardiaChain’s business partners including Mobifone Global, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), Viet Hai Communication Inc, …
3, Representatives of pioneering blockchain projects including Contentos, Blockcloud , QTUM Qtum, TOP Network. Representing partners from blockchain industry such as Block Crafters, Genesis Capital, Altonomy, …
4, Domestic and foreign reporters, all of the media partners of the summit, national television channel VTV24, Tuoi tre reporter and VnExpress… with 11 blockchain media have come and spread the news.

2. “The Future Path of Public Blockchains” to discuss Public blockchains, on-chain governance, smart asset, mass adoption. KardiaChain hosted this another exciting event in collaboration with other prominent blockchain projects such as Nebulas, TOP Network, Band Protocol and akaChain.

III. Inspiring founder and entrepreneur recognized

2019 was the year we were invited and regarded as influential speakers to convey technological discussions by traditional conferences, partner meetups, government discussion panels. We were graced by significant community support with interesting campaigns as well as event exposure.

  1. National Television and Newspaper exposure

Kardiachain has been very honored to get support from our local community. We had support from the TOP traffic newspaper in Vietnam, which has broadened our Kardiachain project to the masses.

1.1. Followed by a reputable social media of economy Vietnam Business Insider: https://bit.ly/2CXjsrB

1.2. Our appearance on “Quoc Gia So” programme from Vietnam national television channel VTV1.

“Quoc Gia So” is a top TV program focused on educating and providing the implications of the 4th industrial revolution to mass society via the introduction of new solutions applying innovative technology and tech companies. English subtitles:

KardiaChain on the press:

1.3. Bao Dau Tu (Investment newspaper)

1.4. Vietnamnews (major reporter of the country)

1.5. Ha Noi Moi (top newspaper of Vietnam capital city)

1.6. Bizhub

1.7. Zing News (top 9 local media)

1.8. Kardiachain has continuously been featured on the press and social networks. We were also honored to be featured on the Technology front page of VOV news, the newspaper of Vietnam national radio broadcaster VOV, debuted in 1945 and has been serving every corner of the country since then.

2. Familiar faces in technology industry and entrepreneurial programs:

KardiaChain was happy to join Hanoi Innovation Summit family of +100 partners, with prominent tech companies, business leaders and elite speaker lineup.

3. Giving speeches at our partners’ events

We together with partners joined the mutual topic and bring our belief, perspectives to blockchain industry and what it can bring about to the masses.

3.1. On 28.3.2019, Kardiachain had a meetup “Unblock Saigon” with Liquidity Network, hosted by Asia Blockchain Review, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our CEO, Tri Pham, gave a speech there.

3.2. On 4.5.2019, KardiaChain was invited to join the Panel Discussion of Blue Helix (BHEX) Global Meet Up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

3.3. On 5.5.2019, We joined Panel and After Party VIP Guest of BIT Vietnam — Blockchain Innovation & Tech 2019 — a blockchain Innovation Tour in 5 counries. Mr. Tri Pham, CEO KardiaChain joined the Panel to discuss “How blockchain can be a revolution in local business industry.”

3.4. On 19.5.2019, we were invited to Vietnam Blockchain Startup 2019, where we absorbed the market insights, as well as expanded our network.

3.5. On 15.9.2019, KardiaChain was excited to be strategic partner for the “Future of Fintech” event — Block Plus Summit Series III, hosted by BitMart, strategic event partners by KardiaChain, DEWOLFE and Genesis Group.

3.6. On 21.9.2019, KardiaChain was honored to be a partner and speaker at Contentos meetup in Ho Chi Minh City to strengthen our strategic partnership. Our KardiaChain CEO, Mr. Tri Pham joined the panel there.

IV. Testnet 1.0 launch

Testnet 1.0 was successfully launched on 24th of July 2019. Retrospectively, we have certainly made significant progress as a project aiming to achieve blockchain mass adoption.

Our community had an opportunity to experience KardiaChain testnet archi 1.0 to test transactions, explorer with Community Campaign for “Archi” Testnet 1.0. We were happy with the overwhelming constructive feedback.

V. Contributing to legal landscape

We understand what makes a business perform well, especially in the blockchain field where long-term development is crucial.

  1. Dialogue on blockchain-based application legal framework

As stated in our latest AMA of 2019 with our CEO Tri Pham, “We are well aware of the legal system and proposed frameworks for blockchain application in Vietnam. Specifically, KardiaChain is one of the projects participating in the Dialogue on blockchain-based application legal framework, held by the Ministry of Justice in October, right here I presented my presentation and made practical suggestions for the KardiaChain blockchain application, as well as receive comments from ministries about this technology.”

2. OECD workshop “Vietnam: Vision and Challenge”

It was also our honour to have been invited to attend OECD workshop “Vietnam: Vision and Challenge” organized by Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hanns Seidel Foundation on Feb 26th, 2019, where we contributed our perspective on the future 10-year development of the country. It has been an unparalleled opportunity for KardiaChain to represent the private sector to discuss with government agencies, academia, NGOs, about challenges to realising Viet Nam’s development considering the current shift in global environment. OECD believed KardiaChain will contribute a significant part to OECD’s Multi-dimensional Review and therefore help to identify the future of Vietnam economy.

VI. Go global: US, UK, Singapore, Korea, China, Taiwan and expand community outreach

KardiaChain recognizes that community and branding is one of the most important factors for success. We built larger networks, met a great number of people, established a wealth of business dealings.

1. Go global

1.1. During April, a recap during our recent time in Korea. We would like to send our thanks to Huobi for the invitation and everyone participated.

1.2. During September, it has been an intensely busy period for us with Wanxiang Blockchain Week, Shanghai, China and Consensus Singapore Invest:Asia.

1.3. During October, we have been attending many different international blockchain events to further develop our business. We were also going to the North hub of Asia for the Korea Blockchain Week: DFine

1.4. During October, KardiaChain attending the official recognized San Francisco Blockchain Week event “BC the gathering SF” for networking in Blockchain center SF to discuss key blockchain topics and startup pitching. In this awesome cosy night, KardiaChain has shared our technology in Silicon Valley.

1.5. During November, we attended BlockShow Asia in Singapore as the year’s last oversea trip and update our crucial progress.

2. Expand community outreach

2.1 Community campaigns:

2.1.1. We organized our first bounty campaign on Bounty0x Platform. We were able to educate a large scale of global audience with their articles, reviews, graphics and have it widely shared to multiple channels.

2.1.2. Our community has had a chance to attend KardiaChain testnet archi 1.0 to experience transactions, explorer with Testnet Campaign. We were happy with the positive feedbacks.

2.1.3. KARDIACHAIN GAMER PROGRAM with Lottery game run on our Testnet 2.0 demo to warm up the Vietnam Independence Holiday.

2.1.4. We hosted KardiaChain Puzzle after KardiaChain explanation series to challenge our community: WHAT IS “INTEGRATION WITHOUT ASSIMILATION” in KardiaChain feature.

2.1.5. In an effort to continuously engage with our community and to provide a better understanding of recent development from KardiaChain: VICION APP campaign.

2.1.6. Crypto Japan Livestream to update current progress.

2.1.7. We received plenty questions regarding our code, please find Kardiachain Code Review from CryptoDiffer

2.1.8. We had a great talk with BlockchainBrad on all the exciting development progress of KardiaChain from Dual Node and KSML to VFF, Kardia DEX and Roadmap.

2.1.9. Binance Hanoi Meetup Interview video from December 2019 by VOZ Blockchain Community. KardiaChain’s Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Long Nguyen, has answered a variety of questions regrading 2019 sum-up with achievements and milestones, as well as share more about our exciting Grand Plan 2020.

3. AMAs

Over the past year, there’s been many questions put out for us recently on KardiaChain vision, our technology, public testnet, the adoption progress, etc. Who are looking forward to AMAs with KardiaChain team did have the opportunity to ask our founders with a series of AMAs.

3.1. With global dbCrypto

3.2. Partnership with Certik AMA

3.3. The latest AMA with KardiaChain’s CEO on 27th Dec, 2019 in local VBC Group.

4. Non-blockchain community:

4.1. KardiaChain Saigon Futsal Club

KardiaChain Saigon FC futsal club — KardiaChain’s futsal team and the incubation for blockchain technology mass adoption in Vietnam, a country that loves football the most out of all sports.

4.2. KardiaChain in Social Responsibility

KardiaChain wishes to uphold a high standard of Social Responsibility at all times and situations. We were glad to be working with multiple educational and charity organisations to bring the Le Chauffage 2 musical concert to HaNoi Opera House. The concert was organized from the desire that music will bring practical value to those people who need sharing and caring.

5. Oversea community:

One of our oversea target market is Korea, we have formed an official Korean chat group at:

We also created a Wechat for Chinese community

VII. Testnet 2.0 with Dapp and Smart Contract

5 months have passed since KardiaChain Testnet 1.0, we have launched another upgraded version testnet 2.0 with ONSports DApp a top vietnamese football content platform, through which we onboarded their existing 100,000 user base onto our blockchain. Our number 1 priority is mass adoption & mainnet by improving the overall user experience, making sure the testnet is running smoothly. There will be some new features and performance that will take user experience to the next level. Having said that, we are also planning to enlarge our ecosystem with partners from government bodies to enterprises, ready to make blockchain a familiar term to everyone.

KardiaChain’s Archi 2.0 Testnet is live, along with a major blockchain use case:

1. Upgraded version of “Archi” 1.0 Testnet on 24th July, 2019 with technical improvements: UI/UX, bug fixed contributed from community, higher throughput and TPS

2. Smart Contract Deployment & Interaction

3. A strong real world use case with prediction games (available on 1/ App Onsport Android, 2/ Vietfootball.vn, 3/ Onsports.kardiachain.io)

4. Strategy enhancement of mass adoption plan by stronger bonds with top enterprise.

— — —

It is now an incredible journey as the beginning of the decade.

KardiaChain is dedicated to building a complete ecosystem, we have strived to provide comprehensive blockchain services in the past year. We are confident to claim that we achieved fruitful results.

“We are ready with the 2020 Grand Plan. We can’t wait to share it with the community when the new year comes. […] It can be said that KardiaChain has finished nurturing the ecosystem. By 2020, regular users can also buy KAI by phone ” said Mr. Tri — CEO @ KardiaChain, latest AMA

Thank you once again for your continuous support. Working on a fully decentralized network and achieving the very ambitious mission are never an easy job but we are humbled by all of our community support during all the ups and downs, please be proactive and share your ideas, comments and your detection that you would like us to go beyond, help us spread this oath and invite your friends to join our community! After enjoying your holiday, let’s together with us kickstarting 2020.

— -

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