KardiaChain Monthly Recap: October

KardiaChain has spent a month of productive work with amazing successes such as the second project — Futsal Prize Farming on KAIstarer to provide flexible earnings for KAI holders via traditional business investments. Below are details that show how KardiaChain has been gaining traction in the crypto space!


  1. The next project — Futsal Prize Farming on KAIstarer

KAI Holders to earn traditional business revenue share via KardiaChain new platform — KAIstarter. The next project — Futsal Prize Farming has offered an earning share from the final prize of KSFC at the Futsal HDBank National Championship 2020 ending last month.

We are delighted to announce that the second KAIstarter project — Futsal Prize Farming with KardiaChain Saigon FC (KSFC) to support and incubate the futsal talents as well as blockchain technology mass adoption in Vietnam successfully completed. Our team is synthesizing the official results of Futsal Farming Prize that will be released on 06 November 2020.

More details: https://kaistarter.kardiachain.io/futsal

KSFC Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/KardiaChainSaigonFC

2. Another 15 million KAI poured into Futsal Prize Farming

On 6th Nov 2020, all locked KAI will be released together with the prize distribution. For updates, please follow our futsal team’s journey at https://kaistarter.kardiachain.io/futsal

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3. 650 million KAI (80% private allocation) bought back and locked in Foundation Reserve

KardiaChain Foundation is pleased to announce that the 650 million “bought & locked” KAI accounts for 13% of the total supply or roughly 40% of circulating supply, equivalent to 80% of the total private allocation pool, from a number of private investors.

Foundation Reserve allocation tokens are locked for 12 months and vested over 24 months.

Please check the update token metric release here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dbq0sHh0nJhr0lWiUYFd9o4yyMTWQigjDM7NuBJ-Cfc/edit?usp=sharing

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4. Mainnet — The value of staking by Kardiachain CFO , Mr Anthony Vo

As the Kardiachain mainnet approaches, our community has continually wondered which staking amount of KAI yields the highest possible return. Indeed, this is also a fundamental question in any proof-of-stake token economy as to whether the staking process falls under investing rules. In order to address this matter in the most quantitative approach, our research team, led by CFO Anthony Vo, has been conducting extensive research on staking rewards and valuation framework. We were excited to present the very first report that provides better insights to our framework.

Report: https://bit.ly/3nGJkO6

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5. KAI MiniGame: The Finale of Futsal Prize Farming

We hosted our mini prediction game before KardiaChain Saigon FC played her final match, deciding the APR of our Futsal Prize Farming campaign.

6. Futsal Prize Farming payout reaches 107% APR!

The first of its kind, Futsal Prize Farming with KardiaChain Saigon FC (K-SG) has been finalised. Our team is synthesizing the official results of Futsal Farming Prize that will be released on 06 November 2020. As K-SG reached 4th rank nationally, the Futsal Prize Farming payout achieved 107% APR respectively.

Success in Futsal Prize Farming is an invaluable encouragement for us to work harder to bring the community of many more interesting and valuable projects.

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  1. KardiaChain gets listed on Bittrex Global

KardiaChain team has been working diligently to make KAI tokens available to a broader audience. We are extremely excited to announce that KAI will be listed on a premiere exchange, Bittrex Global.


- KAI Deposit Enabled: 22:00 on October 26, 2020 (UTC+7)

- Trading for KAI/USDT and KAI/BTC: 22:00 on October 27, 2020 (UTC+7)

2. LuaSwap Added the KAI/LUA Trading Pair

Pools staking enabled starting October 13 at 12PM (GMT+7)

III. Business Development

  1. Road map

“Next 420 Days Beyond The Moon”

It has been a while since we stabilized on the Moon orbit. Now is the time to initiate our next mission. We are thrilled to share with you the roadmap from now to the end of 2021. Let’s see where it will take us.


2. Onboarding

Former Official in Vietnam Ministry of Public Security joining KardiaChain advisory board.

KardiaChain welcomed Government advisor — Colonel Tuan Minh Pham — Former Deputy Director of Traffic and Transportation, Ministry of Public Security.

We are looking forward to his advice on how to integrate blockchain into the current system as well as offering specific solutions to help KardiaChain to stand out from the competition.

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  1. KardiaChain and Indacoin have launched a KAI price prediction game via Coinranking!

Join buy $KAI on Indacoin.com, cast your prediction following the rules and win your rewards of 500 USDT on 9 October 2020.

Details: https://twitter.com/coinranking/status/1312026786834911233?s=09

2. Update on KAI tokenswap in Kucoin’s security breach incident:

Coingecko has updated the new $KAI smart contract: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kardiachain

Etherscan has updated new $KAI smart contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0xD9Ec3ff1f8be459Bb9369b4E79e9Ebcf7141C093

Kucoin: https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kai-deposits-and-withdrawals-now-open

Pool-X: $KAI staking was not affected, and all staked tokens and rewards will remain in place, being distributed in a timely manner.

IDEX: https://twitter.com/idexio/status/1312029975378366465?s=21

KyberSwap: https://twitter.com/KyberSwap/status/1311874153461411840

Gate: https://www.gatecn.io/cn/article/17928

MXC: https://support.mxc-exchange.com/hc/en-001/articles/360050229231

Hotbit: https://hotbit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056145773

ViteX: https://twitter.com/ViteXExchange/status/1310498243504005120

Hoo: Already done with replacement and enabled new KAI deposit & withdrawal

3. KardiaChain community provides liquidity for KAI/ETH community pool on Uniswap!

Due to the high demand for liquidity on Uniswap from our community and adjust Kucoin security breach incident, KardiaChain community has provided liquidity on this platform.

KAI is now tradeable again on Uniswap. All you need to do is add $KAI with the NEW contract address.

Join the KAI Uniswap support group here:

4. CEO Tri Pham At The Vietnam Global Young Scholars Forum

On Oct 17th, 2020, Mr. Tri Pham, CEO of KardiaChain made a speech at the Conference Tech Talk 6 “ICT CONVERGENCE — SHAPING THE FUTURE OF VIETNAM”. The Conference took place within the framework of the 3rd Global Young Vietnamese Scholars forum organized by the Vietnam Central Youth Union, attracting thousands of young technology lovers. Here, Mr. Tri introduced blockchain technology and practical applications in Vietnamese daily life such as the GreenCard and Tuoi Tre Q5 app. Discussing with experts in many fields, Mr. Tri shared his vision on accessible blockchain for millions of people in the country.


5. “You Care KAI Shared” — KAI will be shared to North Central Coast Vietnam!


The KardiaChain Foundation organized the program “You Care KAI Shared” to donate to the people in central Vietnam who are seriously affected by natural disasters and floods.

Each care/like and share/retweet is equivalent to 1 KAI ~ 300VND. KardiaChain based on the number of cares and shares on Facebook post or likes, retweets on Twitter to convert into donations.

Starting from 0:00 on October 23, 2020 to 00:00 on October 30, 2020.

Facebook: https://tinylink.net/v9kRo

Twitter: https://tinylink.net/bzfyf

We are synthesizing the results and will inform the community soon!

6. Anthony Vo And Bankless On The Future Of Kardiachain Development

Please watch more here:

On the occasion of mainnet — staking value paper by Anthony, and the excitement of the community to know more about upcoming projects in KardiaChain roadmap. Popcast with Bankless, the guest this time is Anthony Vo — KardiaChain CFO, who answered that the most exciting part of the community is the future of KardiaChain.

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7. KardiaChain listed as one of the Top 10 promising projects under $30m MC

Excited for November? Stay tuned!

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