KardiaChain’s mainnet source code now published on GitHub!

KardiaChain proudly presents the official publishing of our mainnet source code. Check out our Kardiachain Go implementation via: https://github.com/kardiachain/go-kardiamain

The mainnet source code has been successfully audited by CertiK — the global’s leading audit firm in cybersecurity.

  • 30 months of hard work
  • 2000+ commits and 25 official releases
  • 18 core developers and contributors
  • Fully functional 2-layer BFT DPoS consensus written from scratch
  • Dual Nodes technology
  • KVM (Kardia Virtual Machine)

“30 months of hard work is paying off. Releasing our source code marks the final technical checkpoint before the launch of mainnet. Open-source is also a part of our initiative to uphold the value of transparency. I hope this will engage and encourage developers around the world exploring blockchain interoperability.” — Quoted CTO Huy Nguyen.

KardiaChain mainnet is set to launch on Dec 29, 2020, with an estimate of 6000+ TPS and many advanced features, including fully functional 2-layer BFT DPoS consensus, Dual Nodes technology, Kardia Virtual Machine (KVM), smart contract, and staking. With the mainnet ready, KardiaChain allows enterprises and businesses to integrate interoperable blockchain networks as solutions. KardiaChain remains committed to our mission of bringing blockchain technology to the masses, we are grateful for your continued support as we continue to develop the technology and roll out new products to meet both our vision and mission. Let’s connect with KardiaChain enthusiasts around the world in our developer community t.me/kaidevcom

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