Marketing Plan & Roadmap for 2024

5 min readMar 22, 2024

This blog post aims to show our community and audience an overall view of our marketing plan in the upcoming period of business that would befit the company’s grand vision, mission, and goals in the Year of the Dragon 2024.

Company Overview

As for our company structure, KardiaChain is now headquartered in Vietnam with a Global team based in the Philippines. All of us share the same view, that “innovation” is not just a buzzword — it’s our ethos, embedded in our DNA to pursue the ultimate goal of spreading the immense potential and usability of blockchain technology, and the seamless integration of it into everyday life. Our track record of successes in our own home country stands as a testament to our commitment, where we’ve successfully woven blockchain into society.

As we set our sights on global expansion, our mission is clear: to demystify blockchain and make it accessible to all. Through our Web3 Narratives — including but not limited to Phygital, Tokenization, Interoperability, Infrastructure, GameFi, and DeFi — we’re not only pioneering new technological horizons but also bridging the gap between complexity and comprehension, and bridging one world to another. Our main target are the communities with interests that our products can cater to build trust and move forward to large enterprises, forward-thinking universities, and governments eager to embrace the future.

With a focus on mass adoption, our marketing plan is driven by one guiding principle: Empowering the World, One Block at a Time, One Initiative at a Time through strategic storytelling, innovative campaigns, and relentless education, we’re poised to lead the charge towards a blockchain-enabled future where everyone — from individuals to institutions — can thrive.

Main objectives

KardiaChain aims to establish and further strengthen its presence in the SEA Region as the initial step of global expansion. Positioning ourselves as a regional frontrunner in the Web3 ecosystem, the company endeavors to foster community growth, engagement, and trust. To achieve these goals, we will execute a comprehensive strategy designed to attract new community members, re-engage former users, and instil confidence in our platform’s accessibility to all.

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility within the Web3 Community and related communities.
  • Attract new community members and users to the KardiaChain platform
  • Re-engage former users and regain their trust through transparency and innovation
  • Foster a vibrant and engaged community around the KardiaChain ecosystem.
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships to expand reach and enhance offerings.
  • Launch new products to meet evolving market demands and drive innovation
  • And integration of innovative technologies to execute our marketing strategy

To ensure a successful liftoff, our roadmap/quarterly initiatives mirror this precision, guiding us from ignition to landing. All the final results and reports will be provided to representatives in the House of Kaisers (HOK) Round Table discussion.

Q1: Foundation and Awareness (Ignition)

Where we lay the groundwork, fueling our initiatives to spark brand awareness and ignite community engagement.

High-level overview

In Q1 — early Q2, we focus on igniting the awareness of KardiaChain by leveraging our diverse array of multi-channel platforms and nurturing community growth. The strategy is to utilize social media drive, collaborate with potential projects in multiple sectors, and create a firm local ambassadorship and gamification alongside the official launch of the HOK program.

Goal of initiative

Increase presence in the digital landscape, especially in the social media channels to enhance our visibility and discoverability across the web, while laying the groundwork for a steady community expansion. Through strategic marketing content with a creative storytelling aspect, we aim to fortify our brand identity and reestablish our position within the market.

Q2: Expansion and Engagement (Amplification)

Where we intensify, propelling our message further into the stratosphere of visibility

High-level overview

With the groundwork laid since Q4/2023 — Q1, the focus of Q2 will be on amplifying our efforts to expand KardiaChain’s community presence and growth across targeted regions within the expanded countries with a deepened localized approach. Additionally, we will prioritize enhancing engagement levels with both our existing community and non-Web3 users through both online and offline cross-collaboration depending on the circumstances.

Goal of initiative

Our overarching goal is to cultivate a vibrant and engaged community, characterized by active participation in our growth initiatives. By doubling down on audience engagement strategies and collaborating with the HOK to leverage the activities, we aim to foster a sense of belonging among community members and attract new participants to our ecosystem.

Q3: Interaction and Empowerment (Acceleration)

We’re soaring, leveraging momentum to achieve greater heights of user acquisition and retention.

High-level overview

In the summer quarter, our focus will be on propelling KardiaChain’s branding and exposure onto curated content, i.e podcasts in collab with credible stations/channels to both retain users and reach out to new audiences and thus create a definitive go-to destination for updates and insights into our ecosystem.

Goal of initiative

Our primary objective is to foster vibrant community interaction and empowerment while strengthening our brand image. Through a strategic mix of user-generated content, interactive sessions, and informative publications, we aim to engage our audience on a deeper level, rebuilding trust and credibility in the process.

Q4: Appreciation and Reflection (Rejuvenation)

“Appreciation” taking a short pause to “refuel” (on our way to the moon) — where we will gracefully be on autopilot while still executing a year-end anticipated event to celebrate our achievements and express our gratitude for loyal supporters as we prepare on to the next lift off and reach another block for expansion.

High-level overview

In the last quarter of 2024, we will focus on strengthening and leveraging the existing and ongoing engagement and strategies we have launched. At the same time, introduce unique experiences, reward top contributors, and gather feedback on our launched initiatives for 2025 planning

Goal of initiative

Show appreciation for the community and their contribution to revisit past achievements and review of implemented strategy and plan. With that, the end of the 2nd Half to have an increased website rank on Google, create top-of-the-funnel marketing content and recap to encourage the community’s continuous support and entice more partnerships.




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