“Next 420 Days Beyond The Moon”

3 min readOct 23, 2020

Dear Kardians,

It has been a while since we stablised on the Moon orbit. Now is the time to initiate our next mission. We are thrilled to share with you the roadmap from now to the end of 2021. Let’s see where it will take us.

At first glance, we will finish our goal of the ever-expecting mainnet, launch KAI membership and complete the ecosystem after a considerable time of nurturing.


The launch of the mainnet promises the completion of another significant milestone in Kardiachain’s roadmap. The mainnet will be run after rounds of testing on the testnet 3.0 in November 2020. Please following the details below:


Mainnet 1.0

  • Open source code
  • Acquire network security certification
  • Announce predefined validators
  • Complete developer guide and API documentation
  • Launch KAI Master Wallet
  • Launch KAI Explorer


KAI Mainnet 1.x upgrade:

  • Launch KAI Staker 1.0 for Single Nodes
  • Launch KAI Token Swap Bridge
  • Add Dual Node for a new blockchain platform
  • Initiate technical integration with crypto partners
  • Launch SDK for Smart Contract Development for supported use cases


KAI Mainnet 2.0

  • Launch KAI Staker 2.0 for Dual Nodes
  • Launch KSML 0.1 with config template
  • Launch KTV-39 for token listing on KAI
  • Launch KTV-79 to support NFT feature on KAI


KAI Mainnet 2.x

  • Launch KSML 1.0
  • Integrate to enterprises/governments hybrid/private networks
  • Add Dual Node for more blockchain platforms

KAI Membership

KAI Membership is the one-stop shop for new users coming to KardiaChain. Our MVP is launching October 2020 with the purpose of learning and optimising the infrastructure. Down the road we are looking at various features focusing on user experience and utilities.


  • Launch KAI Base

User accounts and wallets interface

  • Launch KAI eVoucher

Redeem and exchange vouchers from partners in the ecosystem

  • Launch KAI Gamification

Fun way to obtain tokens and incentive normal users to engage with blockchain


  • Launch KAI DeFi Wealth Management features


  • Integrate Mobile banking
  • Achieve 2x growth KAI eVoucher


  • Initiate DID integration
  • Achieve 4x growth KAI eVoucher
  • Launch PoKAImon NFT Game


KAI ecosystem is now seeing the growth and adoption of ideas outlined a few years ago. It is an environment where KAI holders enjoy and get experience with different KardiaChain services/ products such as KAIstarter, Youth Union App, KAI eSports Platform Official, etc. Here are details to provide:


  • Boost KAIStater: more partner projects listed on the platform

Youtube Series

Kardiachain Saigon FC Futsal

Youtube MV

KAI Talents

KAI Yield Farming

Limited Edition products

  • Enhance Youth Union App

KAI Base integration

KAI eVoucher integration


  • Launch official KAI eSports Platform
  • Enhance KAI DEX

ETH, TRX, NEO pair in production

  • Enhance Youth Union App

Enable template to scale to more regions and unions

  • Enhance KAI Starter

Enable new project submission for review

Community-driven framework to list projects


  • Enhance KAI DEX

Add more pairs by community choice

  • Enhance KAI Starter

Open API and SDK for project submission programmatically

  • Develop KAI NFTs

Tokenization model for celebrities and sports


  • Launch KAI Donation Platform
  • Boost Youth Union App — DID integration

All aboard!

We look forward to having you on this new exciting journey. Along the way, we will witness how KAI tokens reach the non-crypto people and how blockchain spreads in the daily life of millions Vietnamese. And now Kardians, please fasten your seatbelt!

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