“You Care KAI Shared" — KAI will be shared to North Central Coast Vietnam!

2 min readOct 23, 2020



The KardiaChain organizes the program “You Care KAI Shared” to donate to the people in central Vietnam who are seriously affected by natural disasters and floods.

These days, the people in the Central region are struggling to cope with the biggest floods since 1979. Towards the Central region, with a spirit of mutual love, KardiaChain wishes to join hands to contribute to the practical activities aimed at sharing, helping as well as hoping that the people here will alleviate the difficulties and stabilize their lives soon.

Faced with that situation, the pervasive power of the community is really the biggest strength, the strongest encouragement for the dear people in Central Vietnam.

How to join:

Participants please click “care” and share the post on Facebook https://tinylink.net/v9kRo or like, retweet on Twitter channel https://tinylink.net/bzfyf . Each care and share is equivalent to 1 KAI. KardiaChain based on cares and shares of Facebook post or likes, retweets on Twitter to convert into donations.

Score calculation:

1 Care = 1 KAI point

1 Share = 1 KAI point

1 Retweet = 1 KAI point

(1 KAI point is equivalent to 300 VND)


Starts from 0:00 on October 23, 2020 to 00:00 on October 27, 2020.

The program “You Care KAI Shared” will connect the values of social networks to real values in life. We hope to receive the support of the community to accompany the people of Central Vietnam through the most difficult period.

Let’s show your “Care and Share” now!

Facebook: https://tinylink.net/v9kRo

Twitter: https://tinylink.net/bzfyf

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