Following the launch of the long-awaited KAIDEX, it is only a matter of time that cross-chain features will be completed. In another 24 hours, KardiaChain’s core technology, the patent-pending Dual Node, will be ready for public usage. All users are welcome to join in a true interoperable DeFi adventure on multiple blockchains with the launch of the Dual Node Testnet 1.0.

There is a Vietnamese idiom, “Integration without assimilation,” meaning that the cross-chain can happen on a global scale while it still keeps our own signature characteristics. The KardiaChain Dual Node best represents the idiom by being a non-invasive solution…

Just recently, our KardiaChain Pioneer program was successfully completed with the final 4 teams to be integrated into the KardiaChain network. Their winning dApps now have the chance to contribute considerably to real-world use cases. Without wasting any time, the competition’s runner-up, BecoSwap, is now officially in a partnership with KardiaChain to leverage the DeFi features and expand KardiaChain ecosystem.

Users can now trade KRC20 tokens exclusively on KAIDEX to have their tokens ready to join the yield farming on Beco. …

We are launching KAIDEX V1 to all KRC20 tokens and native KAI. In addition, cross-chain trading is on the horizon as we will introduce V2 later this month.

All KAI Lovers and KAI-Lovers-to-be are now able to enjoy a decentralised trading experience from any device. KAIDEX is available on the web version and within the Kardia Wallet mobile app.

The KAIDEX integration on the KardiaChain mobile wallet is the result of our mobile-first mentality for all users. KAI holders can now manage, stake, and trade on their phones simultaneously within one single app. …

Following the announcement about the achievements in such a short time by our close partner, Cong Troi, more good news is coming. We are extremely happy to announce that the first-ever NFT art gallery powered by KardiaChain is now a member of our 20 reputable validators.

The support for NFT arts from both the community and respectable members in the art field creates a significant impact on the market, proving the undeniable benefits of blockchain. As we have announced, Cong Troi is now in partnerships with reputable art associations and other entertainment organisations like Viet Art Now, HCMC Fine Art…

Dear Kardians,

The KAIRDROP program is back with the fourth KRC20 airdrop event with 30,000 TPH.

TRUSTPay Joint-stock company was founded in 2009 as one of the first Fintech pioneers in Vietnam. They provide prepaid payment solutions through NFC prepaid cards and mobile digital wallets. Recently, they have applied blockchain technology into their business model through the partnership with KardiaChain’s top validator, VNDC Stablecoin. TPH is the KRC20 token issued by VNDC Launchpad in May 2021 by tokenizing 30% shares in TRUSTPay Joint-stock company.

By holding TPH tokens, users have a chance to own TRUSTPay shares, with a ratio of…

Over the past 45 days since its first launch, the first NFT Gallery powered by KardiaChain, Cong Troi, has achieved many huge milestones with enormous support from the Vietnamese community.

Eleven talented artists support and participate in the Cong Troi project within the art industry, including three artists above from Viet Art Now, one photographer, and seven other artists. They all have minted a total of 40 NFT works on Cong Troi Gallery. In the first-ever opening sale, 21 artworks had drawn in revenue of 29,550 KAl. …

As the leading blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam, KardiaChain’s technical prowess gains strong beliefs from the Vietnamese top 1 cross-border e-commerce platform, Fado. KardiaChain Team has worked tirelessly with the FADO technical team to fully synchronize and complete blockchain integration into the FADO Loyalty Program on our network.

A loyalty program is a crucial part of business in the e-commerce industry. Through loyalty points, consumers can capture incentives on the platform for their own benefits and the platform can generate revenue. Hence, a loyalty program based on blockchain technology is a sound tactic for KardiaChain and Fado to dominate the market…

Just over the last week, KardiaChain Pioneer Program received a number of exciting ideas entering the competition. This marks the enthusiasm for blockchain technology reaching new heights among the Vietnamese and international community.

We have high hopes that once these DApps are fully developed, they will contribute greatly to real-life blockchain applications and boost consumers’ everyday blockchain usage.

There are a total of 14 ideas in multiple fields, ranging from finance, real estate, technology, video games, and even outdoor sport. Let’s find out about our contestants’ ideas below:

Idea 1: Karpos Finance.

Project’s owner: Bara Foundation.

Solution provided: Offering crowd…

KardiaChain always aims to be the top-of-mind blockchain infrastructure for both crypto and non-crypto users in Vietnam. We strengthen our position even more with a three-way collaboration between VNDC, Nami Exchange and KardiaChain to issue the first USD-pegged KRC20 token. All for a seamless trading experience.

Original article in Vietnamese by VNDC:

In order to support upcoming DeFi products on KRC20 blockchain infrastructure and help Vietnamese users to have a better approach to these projects, three powerhouses VNDC Wallet, Nami Exchange, and KardiaChain are in collaboration to issue KUSD-T. This cryptocurrency is equivalent to USDT. …

KardiaChain is excited to announce the partnership with Roseon Finance to simplify DeFi investment experiences and capture the prosperous NFT market for mainstream users.

Roseon Finance is no stranger to KardiaChain, as they are one of the partners of KAI’s first fully incubated project, My DeFi Pet. As the result of this partnership. KAI token will be available on Roseon’s user-friendly mobile platform and vice versa. The future integration of ROSN tokens on KardiaChain mainnet would help users store ROSN in their Kardia Wallet, trade on the upcoming unique KAIDEX, and stake ROSN tokens for various rewards.

Moreover, the collaboration…


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